The Business Naming Experience

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What makes your naming services different?

At The Business Naming Experience we consider more than the surface appearance of a business name. We certainly believe the sight and sound of a name is important in establishing a memorable brand, but to consider only those two name features could mean disaster. A name should tell a relevant story to potential customers and clients and it should also set a great mood that establishes a magnetic attraction in the marketplace. Those things don’t happen by chance. A well-thought-out back story gives a name personality and excitement, while the the underlying subliminal energy of a name has the capability of fueling a name’s success… or failure. Consider a name like Survey Monkey. The sight and sound are memorable, the name itself is fun and enticing and the subliminal energy is all about encouraging top-level detail-awareness and research capability. Overall, those components come together to produce a potential winning identity! No, we didn’t name Survey Monkey. But we have named hundreds of companies, paying personalized attention to the visible (and invisible) branding details that can take an enterprise to greatness. And we’re affordable to even the smallest start-ups.

Q: Is it ever a good idea to change a business name?

Often, when a company first gets off the ground, the future is still hazy. What seems like a great brand in the beginning, may have a multitude of deficits down the road. There are many cases too, where the purpose or focus of a business changes as it grows. Once a name no longer fits, it can be extremely beneficial to make a change, as long as the new name is created and adopted with care and due diligence. Sure, it can be costly to make a business name change, but if that change is done with forethought, the result could set the stage for sustained, increased growth.

Q: Why would anyone pay to have a name created when naming one's own business would be a lot less expensive?

Most people are too close to their business enterprises to name them effectively and objectively. There could be a tendency to choose a name because of family pressure or simply in desperation while attempting to get an enterprise launched. Most importantly, many new business owners do not have the savvy to know the key variables associated with branding and marketplace psychology. The fee paid to have a professionally created business name can pay back unlimited dividends over a company’s lifetime performance.

Q: Is it important to coordinate a URL with a business name?

Since internet presence is a key factor in marketing, the URL associated with a company can be just as important as the business name itself. Coordinating the URL with the business name will allow for better exposure. Consider the benefits of a .com and don’t make the mistake of choosing a URL that sends an unintended message. The company ITscrap becomes when put into URL format! And the company Teachers Talking becomes when presented as its URL.

Q: What about using a personal name as a business name?

In times past, using a personal name as a business name worked well for a variety of business types. However today, such a practice can be detrimental when the time comes to add key staff members or business partners.

Q: Since a start-up often gets going on a limited budget, why invest in naming services?

Without a name, a business has no face. Without an effective name, a business has no clout. Without a name, a website has no identity. So it only stands to reason that a great name must come first. It is truly the foundation of a profitable business enterprise.