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What’s Their Back Story?

Written by Maryanna Korwitts on September 1, 2012. Posted in in General, In the News, Who's Got it Right

As you go about attempting to find a name for your new business, consider how some top companies came up with their names. Business naming is not always a scientific process but there should be meaningful thought applied to the choice of a brand if it is to successfully create the personality of the company.

—7-Eleven was originally called U’Totem, until the corp changed their hours to be open from 7AM to 11PM.
—Addidas comes from the nickname of founder Adolf Adi Dassler.
—Adobe founder John Warnock had the Adobe Creek running behind his house.
—Amazon was originally called until it was determined that the name needed to speak of the huge projected scope of the company.
—Arby’s founders, the Raffel Brothers opted for a subtle play on their name.
—August Horch founded Audi but the name Horch was already in use, so he simply went with Horch in Latin.
—Take the first syllable of “communications” and the last syllable of “broadcast” and you get Comcast.
—Geico is an acronym… Government Employees Insurance Company.

Whether you choose to have professional help in creating your company brand or not, be sure you develop a great back story. Then, when someone says, “how did that name come about?”… you can lock in your image by sharing your story!